Automated workflows for financial advisors

Send and store SMS messages, record and archive phone conversations, sign and save documents, generate compliance documents - all automatically within Tchat N Sign

Illustration of four activities being linked into Equisoft via Tchat N Sign: Signature, Phone, Messaging, and faxing.

As a financial advisor, you want to maximize the time you spend with your clients. Administrative tasks don’t add value for them and don’t make money for you.

Tchat N Sign makes your transactions easier while centralizing your communications - internally and externally. With our automated workflows, you get exemplary compliance records and increase your efficiency at the the same.

AND Tchat N Sign integrates directly with your equisoft/connect CRM!

Chart that shows a changing time allocation: At first, almost half of the represented time is dedicated to administrative tasks. After the change, this portion drops by roughly 40%, leaving a fifth of the represented time now free.

Automating your administrative tasks with Tchat N Sign means getting 25 to 40% more time with your clients

The Tchat N Sign Formula

  • 1.

    You perform your daily activities like calling and messaging clients and getting documents signed.

  • 2.

    Your compliance documentation is generated automatically by Tchat N Sign:

    • Conversation transcripts
    • Call recordings
    • Transaction documents with audits and signatures
    • Fax records and receipts.
  • 3.

    Your files are archived and sent automatically to:

    • Your equisoft/connect CRM
    • Your MGA or another partner through a secure link
    • Your online document storage centre, e.g. Sharepoint, Goole Drive, Dropbox or a shared drive.

Omnichannel chat

Communicate with your clients using the tools they already have

Example of a unified chat feed, with SMS messages, a Facebook message, and internal messages between advisors

Send SMS text messages from your firm’s phone number(s).

Message on Facebook using your company page.

Message internally with your own team.

Automatically archive your conversations in your equisoft/connect CRM with a full audit and activity trail.

Operate across multiple teams, where assistants are assigned to more than one advisor.

Universal Digital Signature

Accepted by insurers and your MGA.

Representation of the document signature process: Document deposit, provider choice (Tchat N Sign or OneSpan), designating signatories retrieved from Equisoft/connect, document preparation, signature sending chain, and finally archiving to MGA, CRM, Sharepoint and other services.

Unlimited signatures available to you.

A simple signing experience for your team and your clients.

Signed documents are automatically sent to your MGA or another partner.

OneSpan signature option is available to you for acceptance of your insurance files.

Automatically archive your signed documents in your equisoft/connect CRM with a full audit and activity trail.

Secure SMS Transactions

A new era of digital signing

Example conversation where an advisor sends a signature request to the client directly through SMS.

Two-factor authentification via SMS and email for routine transactions with your client.

Unlimited transactions available to you.

Conversations are automatically sent to your MGA or other partners for archiving.

OneSpan digital signatures are accepted for your insurance files.

Automatically archive your conversation log in your equisoft/connect CRM with full transcripts, audit and transaction log.

Confidential transfer of documents

Communicate without compromise. Compliant, secure, easy and convenient conversations with your clients.

Illustration showing files being shared inside an encrypted zone

Send and receive messages through channels your clients already use and on their device of choice:SMS text, email, Facebook Messenger.

Send transaction documents to your MGA throught secure links

Eliminate size restrictions (no more 15MB limit for your emails).

Automatically archive your documents in your equisoft/connect CRM with a full audit and activity trail.

Modernize your phone

Adding power to your phones

Example conversation where a voice call and a voice message recording are visible.

Make calls and send SMS text messages from the same number

Automatically save incoming, outgoing and voicemail call transcripts to your client’s chat history

Automatically generate recorded audio files of each call

Automatically archive your documents in your equisoft/connect CRM with a full audio recording and activity trail.


Putting fax and modern in the same sentence

Example conversation with a client, which includes receiving and classifying faxes

Send, receive and read faxes all from the Tchat N Sign interface.

Automatically archive your documents in your equisoft/connect CRM with a full audit and activity trail.

Your office unlocks its full value when it automates operations digitally.

With Tchat N Sign integrated in my daily routine, I can manage my client files without an assistant. I am spending HALF the time I used to spend on managing client files and I’ve dropped my correspondence with my broker by 80%!

With Tchat N Sign, I don’t miss anything and I don’t waste time with unnecessary back-and-forth conversations. And I have the confidence of knowing that our information is secure from start to finish.


150 client accounts and 180 transfers of assets in one year


0 documents missed by the broker


100% secure information processing

Frédéric Poudrette, F. Pl.

Benefits for Financial AdvisorsWhy Financial Advisors choose Tchat N Sign

Structured, compliant work, all done with less effort

More satisfied clients: Using channels they are familiar with (like SMS texting), your clients can easily contact you and get prompt responses to their questions. You’ll have stronger relationships and more loyal clients.

Better collaboration: Team messaging allows you collaborate with anyone you need on your client files, sharing information and working more efficiently together.

Enhanced security: Messaging and document signing is completely secure, so you can protect your client’s sensitive information and remain compliant while also adding convenience.

Automated workflows: Automatic logging and archiving means you’re instantly compliant and your operations are more streamlined, with fewer errors.

Data shows that 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

Benefits for MGAsWhy MGAs choose Tchat N Sign

A reliable and structured partner for your firm.

Optimal compliance: With automatic and standardized archiving processes, every advisor under your responsibility is optimally compliant with AMF and the new Canadian self-regulatory organization.

More automation: You can set automated document submissions to your back-office once they are signed.

Fewer errors: Your advisors will make fewer errors, making your relevant compliance processes easier.

More satisfied advisors: Providing your advisors with technology tools that make them more efficient and compliant at minimal cost is consistently at the top of satisfaction surveys. Developing the same tools in-house typically takes years of work and millions in investment.

Our plans



  • 1 user
  • 1 phone line
  • 1400 SMS
  • 350 MMS
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Unlimited TnS signing


1000 OneSpanSign signatures




  • Everything from Minimaliste, along with:
  • 2800 SMS
  • 700 MMS


1000 OneSpanSign signatures




  • Everything from Standard, along with:
  • 3 users
  • 7000 SMS
  • 1400 MMS


1000 OneSpanSign signatures




  • Everything from Professionnel, along with:
  • 5 users
  • 40000 SMS
  • 7000 MMS


1000 OneSpanSign signatures


We can offer higher usage quotas to clients who choose to go with an annual payment:

  • Up to 4000 more SMS in a year.
  • 760 more OneSpanSign document signatures in a year.

Usage fees beyond plan quotas:

  • Users at 5.00$/month
  • Phone lines at 5.00$/mois
  • SMS at 0.10$
  • MMS at 0.20$
Prices displayed here may change without advance notice