Automated workflows for financial advisors

Illustration of four activities being linked into Equisoft via Tchat N Sign: Signature, Phone, Messaging, and faxing.

At Tchat N Sign, we believe that financial advisors deserve a solution that enables them to maximize their time and productivity.

We are passionate about our mission to provide an innovative solution for financial advisors, allowing them to focus on what really matters: their relationships with their clients.

That’s why we have developed a tool to help centralize internal and external communications, in addition to facilitating transactions. Our automated workflows provide exemplary compliance and enable you to increase efficiency at the same time.

Finally, a tool that speaks to your equisoft/connect CRM!

Chart that shows a changing time allocation: At first, almost half of the represented time is dedicated to administrative tasks. After the change, this portion drops by roughly 40%, leaving a fifth of the represented time now free.

Spend more time with your clients by automating your administrative tasks. Win back 25 to 40% of time spent with each client thanks to Tchat N Sign.

The Tchat N Sign Formula

  • 1.

    Activities performed by the financial advisor

  • 2.

    Compliance documents are generated automatically:

    • Conversation PDFs
    • Call recordings
    • Transaction documents with audits and signatures
    • Fax PDFs and receipts
  • 3.

    Files are archived and sent automatically:

    • Sorted into Equisoft/connect
    • Sent to your MGA or another partner through a secure link
    • Archived on your chosen online stockage service (Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

Omnichannel chat

Direct communication with your clients, through the tools they already use.

Example of a unified chat feed, with SMS messages, a Facebook message, and internal messages between advisors

SMS with your firm’s existing phone number.

Facebook Messenger through your firm’s page.

Internal messaging with your team in the client chat.

Multi-team operation possible, to facilitate the work of assistants assigned to multiple advisors.

Archival of conversations in your Equisoft/connect CRM (PDFs and completed tasks on the agenda).

Universal Digital Signature

Accepted by insurers and your MGA.

Representation of the document signature process: Document deposit, provider choice (Tchat N Sign or OneSpan), designating signatories retrieved from Equisoft/connect, document preparation, signature sending chain, and finally archiving to MGA, CRM, Sharepoint and other services.

Unlimited signatures through Tchat N Sign.

Simplified experience for your team and your clients.

Sent to MGA or partner during archival.

OneSpan signature option for acceptance of your insurance files.

Archival of documents in your Equisoft/connect CRM (signed PDF documents, audit, activities completed in the agenda)

Secure SMS Transactions

Enter a new era of digital signing

Example conversation where an advisor sends a signature request to the client directly through SMS.

Two-factor confirmation via SMS and email for routine transactions with your client.

Unlimited transactions through Tchat N Sign.

Sent to MGA or partner during archival.

OneSpan signature option for acceptance of your insurance files.

Archival of documents in your Equisoft/connect CRM (audit, PDF copy of the exchange, transaction log)

Confidential files and documents transfer

Compliant, secure, easy, convenient. Communicate without compromise.

Illustration showing files being shared inside an encrypted zone

Send and receive on channels already open with your clients, directly on their device of choice: SMS, email, Facebook Messenger.

Secure links for sending transaction documents to the MGA.

No restriction on the size of the files sent, unlike email.

Archival of documents in your Equisoft/connect CRM (files, PDF documents, and completed activities).


You didn’t know your phone number could do all of this.

Example conversation where a voice call and a voice message recording are visible.

Calls and SMS from the same number

Incoming, outgoing calls and voicemails are automatically added to the client’s chat history

Recorded audio files kept for each call

Archival of documents in your Equisoft/connect CRM (PDF document, audio recordings and completed activities in the agenda).


Use fax and modern in the same sentence

Example conversation with a client, which includes receiving and classifying faxes

Send, read and receive faxes all from the web interface.

Archival of documents in your Equisoft/ connect CRM (PDF documents and activities scheduled in the agenda).

A fully digital office unlocks its full value when it automates operations.

Since I integrated Tchat N Sign into my daily routine, I can manage my client files without an assistant.

This application has allowed me to cut in half the time spent on managing client files and reduce follow-up correspondences with the broker by 80%.

With Tchat N Sign, no more oversights and unnecessary correspondence! All this with the confidence that our information is secure from start to finish.


150 accounts and 180 transfers in one year


No document left unprocessed by the broker


Information processed by the platform is 100% secure

Frédéric Poudrette, F. Pl.

You are a Financial Advisor.Why Tchat N Sign?

Structured, compliant work, all done with less effort

Increased customer satisfaction: With access to a messaging platform, customers can easily contact their advisors and receive prompt responses to their questions or concerns. This can help to strengthen relationships and increase customer loyalty.

Improved collaboration: The team messaging feature allows advisors to collaborate on client accounts, share information, and work more efficiently together.

Enhanced security: Tchat N Sign offers secure messaging and document signing features, which can help to protect sensitive customer information and ensure compliance with regulations.

Automated workflows: Tchat N Sign can help streamline operations, reducing the risk of errors, and increasing compliance through consistent logs and archives.

90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of being sent.

You are an MGA.Why Tchat N Sign?

A reliable and structured ally for your firm.

With automatic standardization of archiving processes, every advisor under your responsibility adopts optimal compliance for the AMF and the new Canadian self-regulatory organization (new SRO).

Reduced errors throughout the firm, facilitating all relevant compliance processes.

You can schedule automated document submissions to a back-office once they are signed.

Provide your advisors with technological tools that make them more efficient and compliant, without the costs associated with such infrastructure. Developing the same tools in-house typically takes years of work and millions in investment.